Wall Sawing

Wall sawing utilizes circular diamond blades mounted on a rigid track system to make vertical or horizontal cuts in concrete or masonry walls. Wall sawing is typically used to cut doorway, windows and HVAC openings. This method of cutting can be used for up to 24" thick walls or floors, or up to 48" if both sides are accessible. 

Core Drilling

When a round hole is what you require, core drilling is the method of choice. We core drill from 1/2" to 36" diameter holes to virtually any depth. Typical applications include HVAC openings, plumbing lines, floor drains, anchor holes and electrical and fiber optic runs. Line drilling or coring a series of overlapping holes is another way to produce openings to any size and depth when other methods can't be used.


Slab/Flat Sawing

Slab or Flat sawing is accomplished with a diamond blade mounted on an Electric or Gas powered saw to cut straight vertical cuts in concrete slabs, floors, roadways and bridge decks. Smaller 400 Cycle electric saws used for interior cutting and trenching, while larger gas saws are generally used for exterior and road work. 

Sawing and Sealing

Sawing and sealing of expansion joints in asphalt and concrete is done quickly and precisely. Cutting can be done wet or dry with approved vacuum systems.
Our state-of-the-art equipment uses non-abrasive polyureas, pre-formed neoprene, and urethanes to seal and repair cracks in concrete surfaces.
Asphalt joints are filled with a hot rubberized material. Existing joints and cracks in concrete and asphalt are rehabilitated by the use of saws and routers. Once the old material is removed the joints are sandblasted or pressure washed and resealed with new material.



Robotic demolition is absolutely perfect to meet today's requirements for minimal downtime, efficiency, and safety. Jobs can be performed faster with minimal risk and manual labor involved.

Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is a technique that originated in the stone quarries of the past. ... A wire saw consists of a multi-strand cable with diamond segments. The cable is threaded through a system of pulleys and is then consistently pulled back and forth through the material to be cut
This process does not limit us to the thickness or size of the object to be cut . Steel may also be cut with a wire saw .